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May 102013

After two successful editions, the Third Video Browser Showdown will be held in conjunction with MMM 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. The Video Browser Showdown (VBS) is an annual live video browsing competition where international researchers, working in the field of interactive video search, evaluate and demonstrate the efficiency of their tools.  For more information, see the VBS website. As in previous years, TOSCA-MP will co-organise the competition and provide data sets.

Feb 222013

Prior to the 1st EC review of TOSCA-MP in Feb. 2012 in Brussels, a pilot field trial was performed in order to assess prototypes of quality analysis tools developed in the project. The field trial was hosted by the Flemish broadcasting corporation (VRT), and 28 of their experts volunteered to participate in the two-part experiment.
User at pilot field trials
First they were asked to rate the perceived sharpness of several viewed videos without any reference and then they compared two consecutively watched videos on a discrete comparison scale. Additionally, half of all tests were accomplished with an eye tracking system.  For a better understanding on how people perceive the quality of a video and which parts are prioritized for judging the quality of a video sequence, we analyze the eye-tracking data and the resulting regions of interest obtained during scoring image quality. The resulting mean opinion scores of human perception are used to validate the sharpness algorithm which is one of several objective quality metrics that are developed within TOSCA-MP. Many thanks to all staff members of the Flemish public broadcasting company VRT who kindly participated in the subjective experiments!

Jan 122013

Like in 2012, TOSCA-MP co-organised the Video Browser Showdown as a session of the MMM 2013 conference, held from Jan. 7-9 in Huangshan, China. The Video Browser Showdown is a live video browsing competition where international researchers, working in the field of interactive video search, evaluate and demonstrate the efficiency of their tools in presence of the audience. The aim of the Video Browser Showdown is to evaluate video browsing tools for their efficiency at “Known Item Search” (KIS) tasks with a well-defined data set in direct comparison with other tools. For each KIS task the searchers of the six participating teams from Europe and Asia need to interactively find a short video clip in a one-hour video file within a specific time limit.

Like in 2012, TOSCA-MP provided content collected by its archive partners on the MAMMIE platform and helped organising the competition. There were two rounds of the competition, one with expert users, the other one with novice users from the audience. The analysis of the search and some system logs of the 2012 competition was presented as a paper in the MMM 2013 main conference, and we are confident, that the analysis of the results of the 2013 competition again provides interesting insights.

Scoreboard of one of the rounds.

Scoreboard of one of the rounds (photo by Klaus Schöffmann from AAU Klagenfurt). 


Dec 082012

TRECVID is one of the most important benchmarking initiatives for automatic segmentation, indexing, and content-based retrieval of digital video. JOANNEUM RESEARCH has been participating in TRECVID for many years. This year, at the anniversary 10th TRECVID workshop, we have participated using results of our work in TOSCA-MP.

A poster presented at the workshop gives an overview of the work done for the Semantic Indexing and Instance Search tasks, and a presentation gives more details on the approach and results for the Instance Search task.

Oct 122012

Georg Thallinger from JOANNEUM RESEARCH will present a paper titled “A System for Task-Oriented Content Analysis and Search in Media Production” in Session 2B –  Connected Media Worlds II of the NEM Summit 2012 in Istanbul on Oct. 17th. The paper discusses the use cases, scenarios and tasks addressed in the TOSCA-MP project and its SOA-based system architecture.

A TOSCA-MP overview poster will be presented at the NEM Summit exhibition at the booth of the FascinatE project.

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