Scientific Publications & Presentations


Alberto Messina, Werner Bailer, “Task-based benchmarking and cost simulation”, EBU MDN Workshop, Geneva, June 2014, slides.


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W. Bailer, W. Weiss, C. Schober, G. Thallinger, Browsing Linked Video Collections for Media Production,
20th Multimedia Modeling Conference, Dublin, IE, Jan. 2014. abstract


TOSCA-MP Field Trials January 2014, Turin and Brussels, Overview Presentation


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S. Gerke, S. Singh, A. Linnemann, P. Ndjiki-Nya, Unsupervised Color Classifier Training for Soccer Player Detection, IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing, Kuching / Malaysia, Nov. 2013. abstract


S. Gerke, A. Linnemann, P. Ndjiki-Nya, W. Bailer, Standardisierte Beschreibung von automatisch extrahierten Metadaten in der Medienproduktion, FKT Fernseh- und Kinotechnik, November 2013. abstract


W. Bailer, H. Stiegler, R. Mörzinger, JOANNEUM RESEARCH at TRECVID 2013: Semantic Indexing and Instance Search, TRECVID Workshop, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, November 2013. pdf


W. Bailer, S. Gerke, A. Linnemann, P. Ndjiki-Nya, TOSCA-MP and HHI at TRECVID 2013: Semantic Indexing, TRECVID Workshop, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, November 2013. pdf


M. Lokaj, H. Stiegler, W. Bailer, TOSCA-MP at Search and Hyperlinking of Television Content Task, MediaEval Workshop, Barcelona, ES, November 2013. pdf


M. Matton, W. Bailer, M. Sano, A. Messina, J.-P. Évain and P. Schallauer, The MPEG-7 Audiovisual description profile standard for describing results of automatic annotation services, FIAT/IFTA World Conference, Dubai, UAE. pdf


Niraj Shrestha, Ivan Vulic, Named Entity Recognition in Broadcast News Using Similar Written Texts, Student Research Workshop associated with RANLP, Hissar, Bulgaria, 2013. pdf


Niraj Shrestha, Ivan Vulic and Marie-Francine Moens, An IR-Inspired Approach to Recovering Named Entity Tags in Broadcast News, LICT first scientific symposium on adaptivity in ICT, Heverlee, BE, 2013. pdf


Alberto Messina and Frank Gläser and Eugene Mbanya and Carlos Ruiz and Werner Bailer, TOSCA-MP: Task-oriented Search and Content Annotation for Media Production, 14th International Workshop on Image and Audio Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services, Paris, FR, July 2013. pdf


N. Shrestha, I. Vulic, M.-F. Moens,  “An IR-Inspired Approach to Recovering Named Entity Tags in Broadcast News”, In Proceedings of the 6th IRF Conference for Science and Industry (Lecture Notes in Computer Science), 2013. abstract 


W. Bailer, “TOSCA-MP Posters, International Broadcasting Convention, 2013”. poster


A. Messina, F. Negro and W. Bailer, “Task-based Assessment of Automatic Metadata Extraction”, adjunct proceedings of EuroITV, June 2013. pdf


P. The Pham, K. Deschacht, T. Tuytelaars, M.-F. Moens,  “Naming Persons in Video: Using the Weak Supervision of Textual Stories”, printed in Jounral of Visual Communication and Image Representation, June 2013. abstract


A. Messina, “Scenario’s and breakdown analysis”, presented at Demonstration & Test Workshop, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2013. presentation


W. Bailer, “Task-Oriented Search and Content Annotation for Media Production”, presented at Demonstration & Test Workshop, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2013. presentation


Masanori Sano and Werner Bailer and Alberto Messina and Jean-Pierre Evain and Mike Matton, The MPEG-7 Audiovisual Description Profile (AVDP) and its Application to Multi-view Video, Proceedings of the 11th IVMSP Workshop on 3D Image/Video Technologies and Applications, Seoul, KR, June 2013. abstract


Pham, P. T., Deschacht, K., Tuytelaras, T., Moens, M.-F., Naming persons in video: Using the weak supervision of textual stories, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, June 2013. abstract


Alberto Messina and Fulvio Negro and Werner Bailer, Task-based Assessment of Automatic Metadata Extraction, 11th European Interactive TV Conference, Como, IT, June 2013. pdf


R. Sprugnoli, G. Moretti, M. Fuoli, D. Giuliani, L. Bentivogli, E. Pianta, R. Gretter, F. Brugnara, “Comparing Two Methods for Crowdsourcing Speech Transcription”, presented at 38th IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Vancouver, CA, May 2013. abstract


Florian Stegmaier, Werner Bailer, Tobias Bürger, Mari Carmen Suàrez-Figueroa, Erik Mannens, Jean-Pierre Evain, Martin Höffernig, Pierre-Antoine Champin, Mario Döller, Harald Kosch, Unified Access to Media Metadata on the Web: Towards Interoperability Using a Core Vocabulary, IEEE Multimedia, April 2013. abstract


W. Bailer, K. Schoeffmann, D. Ahlstroem, W. Weiss, M. Del Fabro, “Interactive Evaluation of Video Browsing Tools”, presented at 19th International Conference on Mult