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Survey on user tasks in media production workflows

This survey is conducted by the TOSCA-MP (Task-oriented search and content annotation for media production, http://www.tosca-mp.eu) project. It aims to develop user-centric content annotation and search tools for professionals in networked media production and archiving (television, radio, online), addressing their specific use cases and workflow requirements.
In order to build models of tasks in the audiovisual media production workflow, we collect information on key tasks in this workflow. The list of tasks is not final, so you are free to add tasks you consider relevant, and describe their properties. The collected information will be used to develop content analysis and search tools that support these tasks and to research benchmarking that assess such tools for their performance in these real-world tasks rather than lab setups.
How will the result be used?
The project partners will use the results to build formal models of relevant tasks. Those will be used to benchmark and configure the metadata extraction and search tools developed in the project. The results of this survey will be made publicly available on the TOSCA-MP website in an anonymised form.
The TOSCA-MP project brings together 10 partners from 5 European countries including industry partners providing solutions for the media industry, public service broadcasters as well as their European association, a university and research centres. TOSCA-MP is a project under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, running from October 2011 to March 2014.
Please send questions regarding this questionnaire to tosca-mp-tasksurvey@joanneum.at.