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Pilot field trials to assess quality metrics

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Feb 222013

Prior to the 1st EC review of TOSCA-MP in Feb. 2012 in Brussels, a pilot field trial was performed in order to assess prototypes of quality analysis tools developed in the project. The field trial was hosted by the Flemish broadcasting corporation (VRT), and 28 of their experts volunteered to participate in the two-part experiment.
First they were asked to rate the perceived sharpness of several viewed videos without any reference and then they compared two consecutively watched videos on a discrete comparison scale. Additionally, half of all tests were accomplished with an eye tracking system. For a better understanding on how people perceive the quality of a video and which parts are prioritized for judging the quality of a video sequence, we analyze the eye-tracking data and the resulting regions of interest obtained during scoring image quality. The resulting mean opinion scores of human perception are used to validate the sharpness algorithm which is one of several objective quality metrics that are developed within TOSCA-MP. Many thanks to all staff members of the Flemish public broadcasting company VRT who kindly participated in the subjective experiments!

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