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TOSCA-MP Results @ IBC 2014

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Jul 282014


See TOSCA-MP results at IBC 2014.
Mike Matton from VRT will present a paper in the session “Advanced content production in an automated world” on Monday Sept. 15, 11.30.
Demos will also be on show at the Future Zone, hosted by VRT at their booth 8.F02.

Successful completion of project

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Jun 172014

With the successful EC review on Jun. 13, the TOSCA-MP has now ended. We enjoyed working on this project and thank all partners for their contributions.
We are happy about the results achieved. You can find more details on the outcomes of the project here. Some of these results will also be presented at IBC 2014 – stay tuned for more details.

Agenda for Field Trials in January

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Dec 092013

A detailed agenda for the upcoming field trials in January, held at RAI in Turin and at VRT in Brussels is now available.
As the event has limited capacity, advance registration is required.
Please register at indicating your preferences on the location and the timeslots you would like to attend, allowing us to provide you with the best possible experience.

Successful IBC 2013 for TOSCA-MP

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Sep 182013

At the Future Zone of this year’s IBC, TOSCA-MP successfully presented the proof-of-concept system, including the Distributed Repository Framework (DRF) for storing essence and metadata, the Metadata Production and Management Framework (MPMF) for executing content analysis processes, the Control & Configuration user interface for starting and managing these processes, as well as the search system and result visualisation. Several content analysis services were included, some of them running live at the booth. For viewing and validating results, the verification tool for quality analysis results and an HTML5-based viewer for MPEG-7 AVDP documents containing analysis results was shown.
The TOSCA-MP presentation attracted numerous visitors, including a group of Flemish Members of Parliament and representatives from the media industry on a guided tour through the IBC show. Automatic content analysis is clearly a hot topic, with the quality analysis and related standardisation activities (EBU QC, FIMS QA) paving the way for a broader adoption of these technologies by the industry. The search system and novel result presentation also received high attention from the visitors.
See some photos and read an article in the IBC daily (p.59).


Second round of field trials

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Sep 032013

The next round of field trials will take place in January 2014: On Jan. 20-21 in Turin at RAI CRIT, and on Jan. 23-24 in Brussels at VRT.
During these field trial days, you will be able to test and evaluate different user interfaces as well as methods and systems behind, that have been created during the project. This will allow you to see how a future media annotation and search workflow could possibly look like. You’ll also have the opportunity to provide feedback to the consortium.
For more details, see the folder.


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Jul 172013











TOSCA-MP will be present at the IBC Exhibition 2013 in Amsterdam (Sept. 13-17, 2013) at booth 8.F48 (next to hall 8) in the Future Zone.

The following results will be shown:

  • Search-system and Infrastructure for distributed repositories
  • Automatic content and quality analysis modules
  • Result presentation and visualization

TOSCA-MP Demonstration & Test Workshop

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May 132013

TOSCA-MP will organise a test workshop on June 4, 2013 in Geneva, hosted by EBU.

During this field trial day, taking place prior to the EBU Metadata Developer Network (MDN) workshop, you will be able to test and evaluate software components that have been created in the run of the project as well as give your opinion and feedback about the developed scenarios.
Your feedback will be very valuable information for the consortium to further improve the TOSCA-MP tools and services in a future iteration. This is an overview of the tools available for testing:

  • The control & config user interface serves as a central hub for monitoring the status of content repositories and invoking workflows for automatic information extraction.
  • The user interface for result verification and assessment visualizes results of a range of automatic video quality analysis algorithms are. The tool provides efficient means for navigating the analysis results, and verifying and correcting detected defects, as well as adding further annotations.
  • An exploratory-based search user interface that supports different visual functionalities for query refinement and enhancement. The tool relies on Semantic Web technologies and combines content-related features and semantic descriptors to improve the accuracy and recall of the search results. It also allows search and filtering based on automatic annotations.

The full programme is available for download here. For information about hotels see the EBU MDN page.

Please contact us, if you are interested in participating.

TOSCA-MP presentations at TRECVID Workshop 2012

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Dec 082012

TRECVID is one of the most important benchmarking initiatives for automatic segmentation, indexing, and content-based retrieval of digital video. JOANNEUM RESEARCH has been participating in TRECVID for many years. This year, at the anniversary 10th TRECVID workshop, we have participated using results of our work in TOSCA-MP.

A poster presented at the workshop gives an overview of the work done for the Semantic Indexing and Instance Search tasks, and a presentation gives more details on the approach and results for the Instance Search task.

Talk and Poster at NEM Summit

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Oct 122012

Georg Thallinger from JOANNEUM RESEARCH will present a paper titled “A System for Task-Oriented Content Analysis and Search in Media Production” in Session 2B – Connected Media Worlds II of the NEM Summit 2012 in Istanbul on Oct. 17th. The paper discusses the use cases, scenarios and tasks addressed in the TOSCA-MP project and its SOA-based system architecture.

A TOSCA-MP overview poster will be presented at the NEM Summit exhibition at the booth of the FascinatE project.

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