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Converter from CTT to BPMN

Converter from ConcurTaskTree (CTT) models to executable business processes in BPMN notation: ctt2bpmn
License: LGPL

Tools for XML diff tools output

This package contains two XSL stylesheets:

  • Conversion style sheet X-Diff [1] output to Delta Update Language (DUL).
  • The output of diffxml contains only anonymous numbered XPath statements without node names. The stylesheet adds names to the Delta Update Language (DUL) output.

Download: XML diff XSL stylesheets
License: LGPL



Time-aligned Metadata differencing tool for MPEG-7 AVDP documents, implemented in Java.

Download: TAME-Diff repository
License: LGPL


Speech ground truth

Multilingual data set with speech transcripts (Flemish, English, German, Italian) of news and talk shows and translation ground truth of news content (Flemish to English, English to Italian, German to English, German to Italian).

Download page
License: CC BY 4.0

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