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Sep 182013

At the Future Zone of this year’s IBC, TOSCA-MP successfully presented the proof-of-concept system, including the Distributed Repository Framework (DRF) for storing essence and metadata, the Metadata Production and Management Framework (MPMF) for executing content analysis processes, the Control & Configuration user interface for starting and managing these processes, as well as the search system and result visualisation. Several content analysis services were included, some of them running live at the booth. For viewing and validating results, the verification tool for quality analysis results and an HTML5-based viewer for MPEG-7 AVDP documents containing analysis results was shown.
The TOSCA-MP presentation attracted numerous visitors, including a group of Flemish Members of Parliament and representatives from the media industry on a guided tour through the IBC show. Automatic content analysis is clearly a hot topic, with the quality analysis and related standardisation activities (EBU QC, FIMS QA) paving the way for a broader adoption of these technologies by the industry. The search system and novel result presentation also received high attention from the visitors.
See some photos and read an article in the IBC daily (p.59).


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