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User interfaces for annotation and result presentation


Control & Configuration application

The TOSCA-MP Control & Configuration GUI enables the user to check the status of DRF modules, to select content and configuration, to start analysis processes and monitor them. The GUI is structured by a tabbed view. Each tab is dedicated to one main use case (see Figures below).

The TOSCA-MP Control & Configuration GUI is a web-application, thus only a web browser is needed on client side. Deployment to a server is made using a WAR file.


Figure 1: The tab ”Process Start” contains all elements to configure and start an analysis process


Figure 2: The tab “Process Monitoring” allows to see the active processes, including subprocesses,and to stop and delete process instances.

Interactive annotation and analysis result visualisation

The AVDP viewer presents timeline-based metadata of one metadata document (XML document conforming to the MPEG-7 Audiovisual Description Profile (AVDP) containing analysis results. In addition, a
GUI for interactive annotation, which allows visualizing as well as editing of results from the automated feature extraction, has been developed.

Search and visualisation

Based on the features and annotations that have been automatically created, an Indexing service to trigger the process of indexing all new annotations generated during the automatic feature extraction is executed. This index can consecutively be used by the Search service to find and retrieve appropriate AV content. Every time a new indexing is required, the index is updated and the changes are reflected by the Search service.
The Search application and visualisation GUIs have been developed to support exploratory based semantic search and visual clustering methods for search result visualization.

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