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Jan 152012

DSC_0859-e1330957216890The Video Browser Showdown (held as a separate session of MMM 2012 in Klagenfurt, Austria) is a live video browsing competition where international researchers, working in the field of interactive video search, evaluate and demonstrate the efficiency of their tools in presence of the audience. The aim of the Video Browser Showdown is to evaluate video browsing tools for their efficiency at “Known Item Search” (KIS) tasks with a well-defined data set in direct comparison with other tools. For each KIS task the searchers need to interactively find a short video clip in a one-hour video file within a specific time limit.

TOSCA-MP provided content collected by its archive partners on the MAMMIE platform and helped running the competition. The two rounds of the competition – one with expert users, the other one with novice users from the audience – brought interesting insights in which types of browsing and interactive search approaches work for which type of content and user.

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