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Jul 272012

This page contains the draft guidelines for the Video Browser Showdown 2013 (VBS2013). For information about submitting to VBS2013, see the MMM2013 web site. NOTE: Deadline extended to Sept. 21, 2012!



The VBS2013 will be a moderated “special demo session” of MMM2013. The procedure will be similar to that of VBS2012: 16 KIS tasks (2×8, see below) need to be solved. For each task the moderator presents the target clip on a shared screen that is visible to all participants. The participants use their systems to perform an interactive search in the corresponding video file that will be specified by the moderator. The performance of participating tools will be evaluated in terms of average search time and successful answers. The decision for the best-performing tool is based on two runs:

  • Expert run: the participants (developers of the tools) themselves act as searchers
  • Novice run: volunteers from the audience act as searchers (after a short training phase)

The overall best-performing tool will be awarded with the “Best Video Browser” certificate.


Interactive Search

The videos to be used for the Video Browser Showdown will be provided without any metadata. However, participants are allowed to perform any content analysis that supports interactive browsing in the video (e.g., through novel content visualization, content clustering, or advanced seeker-bars etc.). The search process must be interactive, i.e., no text-queries are allowed.



Anyone with a video browsing tool that allows for interactive browsing, exploration, or navigation in a single video file (search shouldn’t be based on automatic queries) may participate. Examples of tools of interest are: a video shot browser (e.g., temporal-based or concept-based), a video player with extended navigation/interaction means, a video content exploration tool, or tools using advanced visualizations for improved navigation/interaction (video surrogates), etc. Tools developed for interactive video search on mobile devices are of special interest.


Data set and tasks

The data set will consist of about 30 video files (average duration of 1 hour) and will be made available to accepted participants several weeks before the competition. These video files will have the following characteristics: .mp4 file format, MPEG-4 video codec (H.264/AVC), AAC-LC audio codec, standard-definition resolution (except a few files with CIF resolution).
The KIS search tasks will be presented on-site. The goal of each KIS task is to find a preselected segment of interest (typically with a duration of 20 seconds) in a one-hour video file within a specified time limit (e.g., within 2 minutes) by interactive search. The segment of interest doesn’t necessarily start and stop at shot boundaries.

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